hidden treasures

so a few weekends ago, i decided to put my “being an adult adventure time” into ACTION and visit one of the many coffee shops that have been on my must-taste list in pasadena.

i expected to be pleased with my previously scoped coffee and croissant sunday morning home. i expected to find a treasure from the moment i walked through the doors of this new little cafe i had so anxiously awaited visiting after seeing it posted on a friend’s insta.

what i DIDNT expect was to stumble upon the sweetest little farmers market known to man on the SAME EXACT STREET as my new-found cafe heaven. a hidden treasure :)

there are a few things i love as much as a farmers market. and so there i was jumping up and down on the side of the street as i gazed upon rows of white tents housing family-made jam, farm-grown veggies, and paris-inspired tartes and breads. and might i mention that none of the just-mentioned-wonder-filled tents failed to please. i made my way down the line of stands basking in every flavor of the homemade hummus and fresh picked strawberries thinking, how lucky am i?!

how lucky am i to get to live in this perfect little city where surprises wait right around every corner?

as if my PHENOMENAL, might i add, croissant and coffee from what is so quaintly titled “the market on holly” weren’t good enough on their own – the stars aligned to give me another one of my very favorite things waiting right outside. it was some serious refreshing soul time (as food and solo time and life-watching often is) and for that i was so very thankful.

happy tuesday blogging friends! i hope you have had your very own moments of refreshment and hidden treasures in recent days/weeks. and if so, feel free to share them in the comments section right down that-a-way ———-v (pretend thats an arrow)

i would also like to quickly add that i realize the title of this blog post is misleading… a farmers market is certainly in no way shape or form hidden. big signs. road closure. some would even venture to call this obvious. but thats kind of the point isn’t it?

because you know those moments where it feels like you are being rewarded for something you didn’t even see coming? well that was my sunday afternoon. pure bliss. hidden treasure. REWARD for deciding to come and partake in a sweet little cup of coffee and chocolate croissant at the cafe on holly. and i wasn’t one teeny tiny bit mad about it.