days off

and then the lord said “let there be days off”.

i don’t know about you but i am SO thankful for lazy mornings, breakfast on the porch (even if the porch is really just the top step of your stairwell), and makeup-less afternoon yoga class. i have noticed that in the chaos and stress of life, moments of relaxation or i guess not even that but permission to actually stop and ASK myself what it is that i would like to do have become crucial for my sanity. its a chance to quiet that voice that says that busier is worthier and also to tell my ever lurking to-do list to kick rocks.

now isn’t that nice?

if i could encourage you in one thing today it would be that rest is necessary. and so is breakfast, but thats a conversation for another day.

so for me, i will spend today in my cheetah print slippers with my hair up in a messy bun taking some time to tend to me in a season that can feel full of expectation and pressure. no thank you life, i would like to do it my way as well. :)