happy new year.

here it is. the classic new year's reflection sappy post. full of nostalgia, some might even say. but i've got to be real with you - these post are + always have been my absolute favorite because i am ALL about a good nostalgia moment. i remember growing up, as i would traipse around the house day dreaming and thumbing through old photos with my most recent emotional-ballad mix CD on repeat, my mom used to say "taylor, you're so nostalgic. you spend so much time reflecting on what has happened in the past!" and here, today, 2016 is no different. except i suppose i've got pandora + spotify instead of that mix tape with my hand drawn design on the front of it. 

pc: the ALWAYS amazing taylor souza.  

pc: the ALWAYS amazing taylor souza.  

reflection, i think, is a lost art. perhaps that's why i've been so fixated on it over the course of my life. we live in a time where busy is better and instant gratification is all the rage. and really, c'mon, i mean we can't possibly create space to pause or stop unless its being documented for our insta followers to see, right?! in an age where there are constantly new things coming at us, its far too easy to choose distraction over sitting in the silent spaces of how we're really doing + what really matters most to us. of looking back and choosing to pull out what we're learning and what has left an impact. this practice is beautiful. and it's something i believe is deeply important. we could all use a little perspective now and again, am i right?! 

and so the new years post. 2016 is a year i'm really grateful for. come to think of it, i hope at the end of EVERY year i'm grateful. because at the end of every year, i've been given 365 more opportunities to breathe in a new day. i've been given opportunities to laugh and to cry and to work and to chat and to FEEL. i've also hopefully been given the opportunity to look back and see that the end of 2016 has left me with a bit more wisdom than the start did. maybe because i lived it, maybe because other really wise people shared some gold with me. either way, i'm grateful.

2016 took me on a bit of an adventure. it took me to portland with some dear friends (HEYO RACH + CAR!) - a birthday weekend of celebrating and toasting and eating a lot of food and actually getting to wear a large jacket for once in the winter. it took me to spain with amazing brilliant beautiful adventurous strong women that you just want to soak up every moment of laughter + wisdom with - mom and best friend included. it took me to a new job and quite a few engagements and up to monterey and back down for a rams game (GO LA!) and it even took me CAMPING. in an actual tent. 2016 was also a year of rediscovering old favorites. like that time in new york city is food to my soul in the same way that a few days at lake shasta is. and that family in all forms is something i am always so grateful for... immediate, extended, in-laws, and even the little family of 2 that grant and i are building (well 3 - ace pup!) right here in our little apartment in pasadena.

2016 was a year of change and the dust settling and space to carve out a little bit of routine. it wasn't always easy and i wasn't always the nicest to grant about leaving his clothes everywhere in our room. i cried sometimes. okay i probably cried a lot (ha!). but god was good. and i felt a lot of his grace this year. those are both things i'm incredibly grateful for.

as this next year unfolds here in just a few hours, i'm looking forward to a year with a little less expectation (in a good way!) and hopefully, instead, a little more peace and gratitude. because you guys, we made it to today! i'm hoping to embrace a little more of "why put off until tomorrow what you can straight up CANCEL" in 2017 (because let's be real, 2016 got a little cray for us in the calendar department) and to carve out more space for the things that matter most (one of which is most certainly more bubble baths - if you've got bath bomb recommendations, send 'em my way). at TGK, as the new year makes it's way on over, we do a little something called "name your year". and this year, for me, i'm going with "choose". i'm not just bound to my circumstances after all. i always always have a choice - to make a change to how i'm doing things, to choose my attitude, or to create more space for the things i need and/or love most.

(( lofty, i know, but if ya can't do the lofty thing at the start of a new year then when can you?! ))

to all of you who were a part of our 2016, thanks for making this life of ours what it is. we're super grateful for ya. and as you enter into the new year, i hope you too can be thinking of a word to hold onto + watch become more a part of how you do you in 2017. so much love to you all from the bridges. and happy new year xx