well hello there

hi there and welcome to the bridges blog!

I'm so glad you decided to stop by :)

this space has been a long time coming, and i am so thankful for the chance to finally share it with all of you. as a quick introduction, for those who don't know me, im taylor - writer, coffee lover, and twenty something... aiming to appreciate each day rather than frantically watching it pass by. right now i'm probably at a 50/50 rate. a year and a half ago (or just past that... YIKES!!) i married a one of a kind man named grant, and together we've become the bridges. marriage is by far the greatest adventure i've embarked upon yet - two people learning how to share life together, actually meal plan rather than buy everything that sounds good at trader joe's (which is a more tricky concept than you would think), and create roots here in sunny southern california.

frankly, we're learning what it means to grow up together and all the beauty and challenge that that adventure holds.

i wanted to open up a new space to document this season of life (and all the seasons to come) so i can look and see, on the good and hard days, how much i have to be thankful for. its a place to share our story with others too (mainly my mom i'm sure, but HEY if anyone else is down to read along then we'd love to have you!) and to hopefully create a community within the stories that are shared. most of all this will be a place, i hope, to plain old have some freaking fun. life can be overwhelming in today's "busy = better" culture so my hope is to create a place to pause, take a breath, and pay a bit more attention to the things that fill us up... from food, to fashion, to a good road trip playlist.

can't wait to share this space with you. and don't forget to say hello in the comments below!