meet the ace man

happy friday friends!

so two weeks ago, ace turned two - our little baby ace pup. now i know this might seem silly, a whole blog post committed to a dog, but this little man transformed me into an animal lover + i figure its time i honor him with a proper introduction.

so with that, meet ace bridges:

ace came to us exactly one month after grant and i moved into our place - a 6 pound little pup who loved to play and didn't understand the concept of peeing outside, rather than right on our apartment carpet. i so vividly remember taking him downstairs and just saying "go pee" over and over to him while he would stare back at me, absolute NO concept of what i was saying. ace being my first true pet besides my guinea pig (king henry) growing up, my mind was boggled by the concept of training an animal when it doesn't speak english.

slowly but surely, he got the hang of it, with a lot less running to the kitchen for the carpet spotter + a lot more empty salami packs (i still feel like i need to send a thank you card to the genius who though of dog treats). and salami pack after salami pack, he wiggled his way into our hearts as honorary (and only) best bridges pup of all time.

really though, the biggest thing ace did was make grant + i feel like a true family unit. we had to practice taking care of something together and grew A LOT through the process. for me, it meant trading stress sessions about the state of our home for time playing with dog toys on the floor + taking walks to the park. it forced me to loosen up, get outside of my own ever-revolving to do list, + set my plan to the side in a lot of moments.

and this, my friends, was never wasted time + something i am SO grateful for.

i love that ace will always remind grant + i of the sweet earliest days of our marriage, when we were just learning how to figure crap out together in all the big and little ways. 

and this is what, i think, i want the reminder to always be about - for me + maybe even for you: to never stop taking on new adventures. to keep growing. to step outside your comfort zone. to put somebody else first.  add the things to your life that will force you forward in to new + uncharted territory. they will surely be worth it.

so happy belated birthday ace pup + welcome to the blog. you've officially become my mom's favorite member of the family and we're not even mad.



PC: as ALWAYS, the amazing taylor souza. follow along with her on instagram @taylornsouza.